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How to photograph the moon

Astrophotography Primer

I've been thinking quite hard about how to go about introducing people to Astrophotography. In the end I think it would be easiest to just get you out shooting with a few tips to start. Since we just had the total eclipse of the moon, and we're also just past the full moon, I think it would be a great time to start off our Astrophotography by shooting the Moon .

Hopefully everyone has a DSLR as this will make things quite a bit easier. It is not necessary, but I've found it's easier for the following reason. I always shoot the moon in manual mode. YES THAT'S RIGHT!!! You will have to become comfortable with shooting in manual. The good thing about this is that you'll quickly find that knowing your camera and how to shoot in manual will help you in your other forms of photography. Most point and shoot cameras also have a manual mode, but I am not familiar with their operation and will not be able to be of much assistance (that is what your …