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Photographing Star Trails.

Ok gang, I’ve finally found some time to sit down and gather my thoughts.  It’s been really hectic here since the New Year and I’ve been a bit unfocussed when it comes to photography in general. I thought the next natural progression in our learning curve would be to shoot some star trails.  This is something that I’ve never done myself so I’ll be learning alongside everyone on this one. Even though I’ve never photographed star trails, I feel as though I can give you some tips to help make your experience a more enjoyable one. Things that we have to remember even before we head out to shoot at night and in the elements, is to PLAN!!  DO NOT go out without a plan in mind.  This is the quickest way to failure and to a potentially dangerous situation.   First and foremost is your safety.
If you are in North America you can first visit the Dark Sky Charts site  This site is a forecast (not always 100% accurate, but close).  This will probably give you th…