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Pinpoint Stars and Over 80 Seconds of the International Space Station How was it done?


The Orionids: Photographing Shooting Stars

The Orionid meteor shower, usually shortened to the Orionids, is the most prolific meteor shower associated with Halley's Comet. The Orionids are so-called because the point they appear to come from, called the radiant, lies in the constellation Orion. Orionids are an annual meteor shower which last approximately one week in late-October. In some years, meteors may occur at rates of 50-70 per hour.  (text Credit Wikipedia)

Starting on October 15 and ending on October 29, with the peak generally occurring during the morning hours of October 20-22. 

How you can be ready!

Photographing meteors
1. Wide fast lens More light = more stars (and shooting stars).
2.  High (but workable) ISO Look at number 1.  Make sure it’s not too “Noisy”
3. Long Exposure (will vary depending on several things) You will be exposing your image anywhere from a few seconds to perhaps even an hour depending on the style you’re going for.  *see below for two styles explained*
4. Dress for the weathe…
Coolers aren't just for beer!! They can actually save your equipment

With a list including (depending on your location) October 7, 2012 - Draconids October 21, 2012, before dawn. -Orionids November 4/5, 2012, late night November 4 until dawn November 5 - South Taurids November 11/12, 2012, late night November 11 until dawn November 12 -North Taurids November 16/17, 2012, late night November 16 until dawn November 17 –Leonids December 13/14, 2012, late night December 13 until dawn December 14 – Geminids (more info can be found on
I expect that some if not quite a number of you will be setting up the cameras to capture that prize winning meteor shot!
Last year I  provided this tip.  Somehow it made its way into my draft folder.  I thought I’d dust it off and re-issue it with the list of the remaining meteor showers for the year (thanks for the complete list).
With it being October already, the cold weather is u…