Night Landscape Processing Tip

Shooting Starry Night Landscapes.....
How to make it look even "Cooler"

The image below was shot with in RAW as the vast majority of my night shots are.
As you can see this image is straight out of the camera with no processing.
It has a nice amount of stars and some nice highlights in it, but it just doesn't look pleasing to the eye.  "As shot" white balance gives it a murky look and leaves something to be desired in my opinion.
"As Shot" White Balance

Now lets look at the exact same shot, but this time we changed the white balance to tungsten (cooler).
You don't have to go to this extreme, but cooling your images off a bit by adjusting your white balance will give it that extra little something that the vast majority of people out there like.
Tungsten White Balance


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  2. I am very excited to use the Tungsten white balance the next time I do a shoot. Thank you for your tips!


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