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The Beginners Guide to Landscape Astrophotography

In the beginning

We humans have been enthralled by the night sky for thousands of years.  I wouldn’t doubt that in the early days we stared in wonderment at the stars above enjoying the (light pollution free) view of the heavens above. We have even seen ancient drawings, religious writings, and historical documentation about the stars and heavens above.  Before the invention of the DSLR, photographing the night skies could be a very, very time consuming and expensive hobby. With the invention and substantial improvements of the DSLR, today we are able to image the night skies without having to “mortgage the farm”.  Improvements to the low light (high ISO) performance have made even entry level DSLR cameras capable of capturing amazing images of night sky. Modern processing techniques have allowed us to combine multiple images to make a perfect image.  Something that was very, very hard to achieve in the film era. The learning curve is still somewhat steep and requires many sessions o…