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Landscape Astrophotography - Before the Big Night Out (2nd post in the series) by Darryl Van Gaal

So you've decided to try your hand at capturing the night sky.  You have hopes of capturing that "keeper" that you can proudly display on your living room wall.

Here is where I can save you a bit of disappointment.  Disappointment in what you envision as the "perfect" image, and disappointment in your technique.

The first thing I'd like to point out is what your finished product is going to look like.
Many, MANY of the landscape astrophotographs that you see online are composites.  By composites I mean that they are composed of two separate images that are photographed at totally different locations, or that are photographed at the same location, several hours, or even several days or months apart.  The photograph below is an excellent example of this.  The image of the landscape is from a friend of mine, the night sky was taken from one of my photographs.  Although I don't mind, and will occasionally employ this technique, I will take to task any "…