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Process the Milky Way - a step by step guide

One of many ways to process a Milky Way image by Darryl W. Van Gaal I've had many, many photographers come to me with questions on how I'm able to capture my images of the milky way.  My response is that "it's really not a huge secret".  Capturing the image is probably the easiest part, while yes there is a learning curve, once you figure out that part it comes to be almost second nature.  
Just like in film photography, no matter what you've captured on your camera it will come out looking a bit drab without the proper processing.  This post is designed to help you find your way around the digital darkroom and turning those night images into works of art that you may even be proud enough to hang on your living-room wall above the fireplace.

The image that we'll use today is one that I took this past summer.  It is a great example to use to show my post processing techniques.

This image was photographed in Long Point Ontario, it was shot with a Canon 6d…